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Whitewashed Wood
Dr. Carmen Wong


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Dr. Carmen Wong


PhD Candidate

Dr. Carmen Wong

Understanding disturbance, facilitation, and competition for conservation of whitebark pine in the Canadian Rockies

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Whitebark pine is facing significant decline across its range. What happens when a foundation species like whitebark pine is removed from a system? I am using tree rings sampled from stands across the Canadian Rockies to answer this question for my Ph.D. I am looking at: 1) how the role of facilitative versus competitive interactions between whitebark pine and other species may change, 2) how regeneration responds to a mountain pine beetle outbreak in Waterton Lakes National Park in the 1980s, and 3) whether there are distinct models of stand development associated with landscape position. In 2008, I will also be working as one of the monitoring ecologists for Kluane and Vuntut National Parks with Parks Canada.



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