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Jeremy Greenberg (he/him)

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Jeremy Greenberg (he/him)


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MSc Student

Jeremy Greenberg (he/him)

Investigating the Efficacy of Fire and Fire Surrogates as Tools for Whitebark Pine Restoration in the Northern Regions of Its Range

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I am collaborating with Parks Canada to examine the impact of fire and fire surrogates, including mechanical thinning, on whitebark pine. This endangered keystone conifer species has suffered a significant decline due to various biotic and abiotic disturbances, leading to the implementation of restoration strategies.


My research project focuses on the northern extent of the whitebark pine range, where limited research has been conducted on the efficacy of these restoration efforts. I aim to compare the effects of mechanical thinning and wildfire on the biophysical environment, growth rates of cone-producing trees, and the composition and abundance of tree regeneration in these areas. This research will include a large scale (BC and Alberta wide) study as well as a focused case study in Glacier National Park, BC


By examining the differences between mechanically thinned and burned areas and undisturbed (control) areas, my research will provide valuable insight into the effectiveness of these restoration strategies and contribute to the conservation of the whitebark pine species.

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