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Sonya Powell, MSc

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Sonya Powell, MSc


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Sonya Powell, MSc

A wood inventory and dendroecological analysis of large woody debris in small streams in the foothills model forest, Hinton, Alberta

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Geog 102 - Introduction to Physical Geography: Climate and Vegetation, Sessional Lecturer, 2008
Geog 207 - Introduction to Biogeography, Sessional Lecturer, 2007
Geog 207 - Introduction to Biogeography, Teaching Assistant to Dr. Lori Daniels (2003-2005)


I completed my honours B.Sc. degree at the University of Toronto with majors in both Physical Geography and Environmental Science. My special interests as an undergrad were in botany, dendroecology, and geomorphology. My M.Sc. project investigated riparian forest ecology and forest history in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, AB. Specifically, I examined the amount, function, and recruitment of large woody debris to small headwater streams in forested riparian zones using dendroecological methods.


Recently I have worked for the BC Ministry of Forests and Range, Coast Forest Region, on a number of projects, including coastal old growth dynamics, biogeoclimatic zone ecosystem classification, and a long-term study on the effects of logging and silvicultural treatments on ecological processes in the Carnation Creek Watershed.


Currently I am working again in the Department of Geography Tree-Ring Lab at UBC on two projects. One project is to examine the impact of mountain pine beetle on riparian stand dynamics within the municipal water supply area to Cranbrook, BC. I am also analyzing tree cores to discover if red cedar is regenerating in second growth forests on the Haida Gwaii Islands, despite negative selection pressure due to deer browsing.

My dreams for the future include continuing to gather baseline data in natural forest systems so that forest dynamics can be better understood, resulting in healthy and sustainable management options for the future.

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