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Whitewashed Wood
Eileen Jones, MSc


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Eileen Jones, MSc


MSc Student

Eileen Jones, MSc

Decay dynamics of coarsewood habitat in old-growth spruce and pine stands in the Rocky Mountain Foothills

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Teaching Assistant for GEOG 207


I joined the Tree-Ring Lab in 2007 to accompany the large woody debris team to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, near Hinton, Alberta. My research explores the decay dynamics of coarsewood habitat in old-growth pine and spruce forests. I had a successful field season in 2008, thanks to the help of my fabulous field assistants and collaborators. (See the gallery below for evidence of our hard work.) As part of my thesis work, I am also using permanent sample plot data to evaluate the accuracy of dendrochronological year of death estimates of decayed wood.


Prior to joining the lab, I completed a BSc at Simon Fraser University in the Department of Biological Sciences. There, I had the good fortune of working on research projects in wildflower ecology and insect communication with Drs. Elizabeth Elle and Gerhard Gries, respectively.


When I'm not immersed in research, investigating new recipes and local ingredients, or taking naps with my cat, I can be found at any number of swing dance venues in the Pacific Northwest.


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